Accommodation   bureau Berlin            

terms o.


You'll have a seminar in Berlin? We have a room for you!

You are to visit an exhibition in Berlin for a couple of days? We have a bed and breakfast room right across the street!

You are going to listen Jazzfest Berlin every evening? We have a quiet bed and breakfast room to restore your ears!

With your new love a trip to Berlin? We have a cozy bed and breakfast room/ apartment you'll like to stay in!

Everyone is nagging you? In our bed and breakfast rooms you won't get found!

You'll have an interview for a job in Berlin? We have a cheap bed and breakfast room you can afford!

You have to do researches at Freie Universität Berlin? We have a cheap bed and breakfast room in the neighbourhood!

You are planning courses at a language school in Berlin? You might walk to from your bed and breakfast room!

You want to study acouple of months in Berlin? we have a bed and breakfast room, you must'nt finance by serving food!

Berlin is a gayfriendly city, and the hosts of our rooms/ apartments are gay friendly too!

Terms of business

Status of Accommodation bureau Berlin Kreuzberg

Accommodation bureau Berlin Kreuzberg is not the landlord, but only the mediator; it does not guarantee for the condition of the hired rooms/ apartments.
Although we visit every new host and his room/s. Any demands for warranty or compensation are to be made on the landlord.


A contract is fixed after we sent you a confirmation of your request.

Pay down

After receiving our confirmation a pay down of 50% of the agreed amount has to be transferred within 10 days; if it doesn't arrive within this time, the room/ apartment could be given to anyone else.
This pay down gets lost in case of cancelling or non-arrival; no demand for anything else will be made.


Remaining price is to be paid right after arrival in cash.
For handing the keys we ask for a pledge of € 50.

Non legal terms

If any of these terms are not legal, the agreed termes are the legal ones, that come closest to them.

Legal domicile

Legal domicile for every involved person is Berlin.

some examples of bed and breakast rooms/ apartments

studio no.1

studio. no 2

studio no.3

studio no.7

studio no.9

studio no.14

studio no.16